Oh Wow Cow

Ice Cream
Lambertville, NJ 08530


  • Probably one of the best ice cream places I've ever been to. Don't bother trying to choose--get a "sampler" boat of 5 mini scoops to try all the most intriguing flavors. If they have peach feta-GETIT
  • They oft have three kinds of vanilla available. Ask to taste then order your favorite(s).
  • The kids size is actually two scoops. Next time I'm asking for 1/2 of a kid's size. Our just split between two people.
  • Amazing ice cream. Best in NJ.
  • Best Ice Cream!! Love the Coconut almond chocolate chip
  • The best ice cream ice had, hands down.
  • The honey lavender is fantastic
  • Love the honey lavender ice cream
  • Dark chocolate salted caramel and strawberries and cream were so good!
  • Unique flavor combinations. Friendly staff, very helpful. Only issue was wish there was better parking but.. It's Lambertville, what do ya expect lol.
  • The ice cream is quite good.
  • Awesome. Always save room for Oh Wow desert.
  • Everything is amazing. Caramel cashew and dark chocolate salted caramel pecan are my favorites! Very friendly workers
  • Sarsaparilla float with sweet honey cream ice cream.
  • Try all of the ice cream! hand-made with local ingredients
  • Jam two flavors into one cup or try the five flavor sampler, because there are so many good varieties to enjoy!
  • Seriously good ice cream and worth the cals.