Nutella Cake Truffles

Nutella Cake Truffles

Nutella-Cake-TrufflesA few weekends ago I helped make a massive “1” shaped cake for an adorable little girl’s first birthday. It was double layered and filled with fluffy chocolate mousse. In total, I had to make three 9″x13″ cakes to layer on top of one another. Since we were shaping it into a 1, we ended up cutting off quite a bit of the cake and had leftover cake that was just too delicious to throw away.

We used one of my favorite cake recipes which can be found on Desserts by Juliette. I love this cake because it’s nice and fluffy and not too sweet. I decided to use all of the pieces we cut to make the decadent nutella cake truffles featured in this post.

Since I already had the cake made, I only needed a few additional ingredients: nutella, milk, chocolate chips, and sprinkles (optional). I was able to freeze some and bring them home to my family. Let’s just say, they were gone before I could even blink ;).

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