NTC Park

Park, Event Space
Farragut Rd (at Cushing Rd)
San Diego, CA 92106
(619) 573-9260


  • Great place for kids! And a great place for a run.
  • Two large playgrounds for the kids. Large fields for pick-up soccer and lacrosse. Nice, new, clean facilities. Tables and outdoor grills for family get-togethers and birthday parties. Lots of parking.
  • The greens are beautiful
  • Right here, in this very spot is my perfect planespotting place to spot planes a lot.
  • NTC Liberty Station is a great place to throw a Birthday Party with a Bounce House. Cabrillo Recreation Center Issues the Permit. For more info check out our website.
  • A wonderful place for a nice walk or for taking your kids to the park.
  • Great playgrounds for kids of all ages and skills. Lots of walking and bike paths
  • What a great place to go! Easy to walk around or jog, bicycling, bbq' s, parties, great place to host huge events with ample parking for everyone! Definitely a 5 star from me!
  • Quiet and almost hidden park that has a nice view of the water. Recommended in the evening walk after dinner.
  • One of the best places to go have a nice cup of coffee and reflect on the day, while enjoying the marvel of flight! Near a handfull of great restaurants and shops too!
  • SAN Tower is 118.300 mHz
  • Right here, in this very spot is my perfect planespotting place to spot planes a lot. .
  • Has a great path that runs by the water
  • Great spot to bring your kiddos and/or doggies
  • Nice place to walk around on a sunny afternoon.
  • Great place to spend the day, either shopping and dining or outdoors at a picnic.
  • Great place to play soccer https://trytopic.com/liberty-station-ntc-park-1
  • Lots of airlines fly overhead
  • Plenty of space to stretch out and enjoy the beautiful weather. Squirrels usually hide near the water's edge.
  • Must check out five guys burgers and fries and of course the Corvette diner couple of amazing places and just to walk around here absolutely stunning

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