Here’s a Sneak Peek at the Atlanta Food & Wine Festival 2015

The Atlanta Food & Wine Festival is back May 28 to 31, showcasing the best of Southern cuisine
Here’s a Sneak Peek at the Atlanta Food & Wine Festival 2015
Atlanta Food & Wine

The best of Southern cuisine comes together at one of the South’s biggest food and wine festivals.

The fifth annual Atlanta Food & Wine Festival is back with a series of “big bad” pop-up dinners, market fare, and guest dinner series featuring more than 250 of the best Southern chefs in the industry, including Sean Brock, John Currence, and Spike Gjerde, who just won a James Beard award for Best Chef: Mid-Atlantic this year. Guests will be able to experience and sample the culture of Southern cuisine from May 28-31.

We’re particularly excited for the Connoisseur Dinner Series, a series of smaller, more intimate dinner events curated by Matt and Ted Lee: brothers, chefs, and cookbook authors. One of the events, the Mountain Series, highlights “hillbilly cuisine,” the “hunting, fishing, and foraging” known in the Appalachian region."

"The Atlanta Food & Wine Festival is about giving guests the opportunity to dig deep into our the rich food and beverage traditions of our region,” said festival co-founder Dominique Love. “We felt like some of the exploration and the opportunities to connect to our talent and their backgrounds were being lost in the larger format dinners.  So we developed a series of smaller dinners with up to 10 talent, a maximum of 30 guests and curated menus and themes by Matt Lee and Ted Lee.”

If you need a break from the rustic cuisine, the Rathbuns’ Watchlist dinner will be slightly more upscale, pairing chefs with Southern designers to create an experience that’s both delicious and aesthetically beautiful.  There’s also, of course, the giant market-style party where you can “pig out” on food from chefs like Tyler Brown from Capital Grill in Tennessee; Bill Smith from Crook’s Corner in Chapel Hill, North Carolina; and Sean Brock from Husk in Charleston, South Carolina. 

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