One In Five Americans Feels Guilty For Eating Cute Chocolate Easter Bunnies

There's nothing we like better than seeing sweet animals in our Easter baskets that we can gnaw on. Chocolate bunnies, marshmallow chicks, and other cute animal-shaped treats may taste delicious, but according to a recent survey funded by Frito-Lay Cheetos, they make us feel guilty.

Although 95 percent of us enjoy noshing on chocolate bunnies during the Easter season, around one in five survey respondents actually feel bad for eating cute candy animals.

The survey, administered by the Opinion Research Corporation used a sample size of around 1,000 U.S. adults, and was meant to creatively draw our attention to the relatively new Cheetos Sweetos, which are sweet, Easter-y, and decidedly not animal-shaped.

But we're more excited about this Easter bunny guilt. Even though a good portion of us feels a pang of remorse for eating bunny-shaped chocolate, 72 percent dive in ears-first into an unwrapped chocolate bunny on Easter morning. More than 90 percent of survey respondents feel that one or more Easter treats are overrated. We doubt that statistic would be referring to Cadbury Creme Eggs or chocolate bunnies, so perhaps the survey participants got a whiff of Peeps milk (yes that's a real thing)?