The Halloween Costume Of Your Dreams Is Here: Sexy Pizza Rat

Do you remember the short video of the New York City subway rat struggling to drag a slice of pizza that went viral last month? (If you have no idea what we're talking about, watch the original video here.)The rat that spurred a thousand memes and Tweets has now been turned into a $90 sexy Halloween costume thanks to costume e-store Yandy.

Yes, this is the same e-store that brought you Sexy Corn and Sexy Pizza. There's even a Sexy Sriracha getup.

Here's the description of that Sexy Pizza Rat costume: "Grab a slice in this limited edition Yandy Pizza Rat costume featuring a soft, body-hugging grey mini dress with a white front panel, an attached tail, an attached hood with adorable rat ears, and two attached pepperoni pizza slice accents."

If you want to channel your inner sultry rodent, but don't care to shell out the cash for the novelty costume, we suggest wearing a grey mini dress and taping laminated pizza slices to yourself instead, or even wear a real slice of pizza around your neck!