You Can Now Search Nutritional Info Through Google

Now that the FDA has banned artificial trans fats in the United States, Google is making a definitive effort to jump on the health wagon, too.

Google posted on June 15 that getting nutritional information is as simple as typing the name of a fast food menu item and a keyword like "calories" into the search bar. With their Im2Calories project, which counts calories using Instagram food photos, on the horizon, it seems that Google is taking a health-conscious path. 

Similarly to a fitness app or calorie tracker, such as My Fitness Pal, all you have to do is type in the item you want to look up and a list of nutrition facts will appear, just as it would on a packaged product.

In December 2014, the FDA ruled that menu items at restaurants need to be labeled with nutritional facts so that consumers can be more aware of their health choices. If anything, Google is helping to make these labels even more transparent by offering them through their search engine.