World's Oldest McDonald's May Be Getting A Much-Needed Upgrade

The oldest surviving McDonald's restaurant, located in Downey, California, might be getting the upgrade it needs to keep up with the times and stay open.

McDonald's corporate has asked the Downey Planning Commission to approve plans to add a drive-thru to the historic building, reports Fortune. The location, which originally opened in 1953, is the third McDonald's to have ever been built, and features several quirks unique to its location.

Since the owners purchased the rights to the franchise directly from the McDonald brothers themselves, the chain hasn't always been subject to the same standards as other locations, according to Curbed LA. Instead of the iconic golden arches, the restaurant's exterior features a single yellow curve with a  'hamburgers' sign protruding from it and a mascot named Speedee welcoming diners.

The restaurant has been struggling to turn a profit and the chain believes the addition of a drive-thru would help sales. According to the company, drive-thrus account for 65 percent of sales at their other locations, Fox 11 reports.