Wendy's Tries To Shun Unhealthy Reputation By Testing Out Veggie Burgers

Fast food restaurants are starting to panic. After all, with the rise of the clean eating movement and the decline of big names like McDonald's (the Golden Arches' bank accounts were not so golden after seeing their worst sales in the past decade), it looks like fast food may no longer be the go-to for Americans. Slowly, casual restaurants have begun to clean up their menus in various ways, from multiple chains eliminating sodas from kids' menus to Subway vowing to lay off the hard-to-pronounce chemicals in their bread.

Last week, Wendy's announced that they are offering organic tea, and now they are testing out a black bean veggie burger at various store locations in Ohio. The sandwich is made on a multigrain bun and contains Asiago ranch sauce, colby pepper jack cheese, tomato, and a spring mix.

Wendy's isn't the first fast food company to offer vegetarian burger options. Last summer, White Castle began rolling out veggie sliders.

Between the veggie burger and the tea, Wendy's seems to be sending out a clear message: Please don't associate us with greasy burgers and fries!