Wendy's Is Testing Out A Black Bean Vegetarian Burger

Vegetarians, listen up: Wendy's is trying to appeal to you. We already announced back in May 2015 that Wendy's was testing out black bean veggie burgers, but now it's expanding its test market so more fast food fans can get a taste of it.Columbia, South Carolina; Salt Lake City, Utah; and Columbus, Ohio, are the latest test markets to get a hold this burger which is made with black beans, wild rice, farro, onions, brown rice, carrots, quinoa, corn, green bell peppers, and red bell peppers.

The burger will truly appeal to non-carnivores because it is prepared in a separate oven that does not touch chicken or beef. It's also made with a multigrain bun with tomato, greens, a Parmesan ranch sauce, and pepper jack cheese, but you can ask a Wendy's employee to remove the last two ingredients to make the veggie burger a vegan burger.

This is not the only veggie burger to hit the fast food mass market. Last year, PETA recognized White Castle's veggie sliders as a viable and tasty vegan option.