We Bravely Tested The Jolly Rancher Pop-Tarts And Here's What We Thought

We can handle Pop-Tart flavors based on Dunkin' Donuts coffee and inspired by sodas. But what about the brand-new Jolly Rancher-flavored Pop-Tarts? Our team bravely tried this new product from Kellogg's, which comes in three varieties: Green Apple, Cherry, and Watermelon. Here are our unfiltered reviews:

"The best thing you can say about these is that they're exactly as advertised."

"I wouldn't go out of my way to try these again."

"I can definitely still taste these in my mouth 10 minutes later."

"I honestly should have known better."

"They're giving my mouth a real 'pucker situation.'"

Each variety tasted exactly like a Pop-Tart version of its corresponding Jolly Rancher flavor, and made us nostalgic for the good old days of sticky fingers and candy that turns your mouth funny colors.

Most of our taste testers felt that the Green Apple flavor was the least offensive, while Watermelon rubbed us the wrong way.

These are probably a perfect once-in-awhile treat for sugar-happy tweens, but their saccharine charm was lost on us.