Watch: Little Girl Experiences Pop Rocks For The First Time

In the video below, a little girl named Emma gets to experience something rather magical for the first time ever: Pop Rocks. Although most of us take for granted that the carbonated candy delivers a fizzling sensation, there are plenty of generations to come who have yet to "taste the explosion," as the packaging invites us to do.

Although Emma's immediate reaction is surprise, followed by a slightly distressed, "I don't like it," she quickly changes her mind and laughs with joy as she realizes what she's been missing.

Who knows what's next for Emma now that she's been given access to a whole new dimension of candy. Perhaps she'll take on the Pop Rocks and cola challenge, or become the ultimate Mentos-and-Coke prankster. There's no telling how far she'll go.

One adventurous man, by the way, managed to confirm that 54 bottles of Coke Zero and 324 individual Mentos have the power to fuel a rocket car — for about 15 seconds.