Upcoming Fireworks Oreos Put Pop Rocks In Your Cookies

Oreo fans, get ready for some explosive flavor. The next variation on the iconic cookie rumored to be coming to a grocery store near you is the Fireworks Oreos filled with colorful "popping candy" that sounds suspiciously like Pop Rocks.

News of this new item comes from the all-knowing Instagram account @Thejunkfoodaisle, which is known for leaking information about new snacks, including Oreo flavors, before they're official unveiled by the companies themselves. The image in the original post, which can be found here, unfortunately looks like more of a mockup than the actual product, but the account insists that the flavor is coming soon, probably in time for the summer months.

If it does arrive, you can expect chocolate Oreo cookies filled with crème that's dotted with red and blue fizzling candy that will presumably create fireworks of a sort in your mouth. Unfortunately, the other mockup now on @Thejunkfoodaisle, of maple pancake Oreos, looks to be fake — but a cookie fan can dream!