Trix Switched Up Its Color Scheme And The Internet Isn't Having It

Brightly colored Trix cereal is a thing of the past, as General Mills announced it will remove all artificial colors and flavors from its products by 2017. Now, the internet has gotten wind of the change, and people are not happy about the cereal's muted new look.

Because of the company's pledge to remove artificial coloring and avoid ingredients such as Red 40 and Yellow 5, the once-vibrant color scheme of the cereal is now filled with soft purples and yellows.

The made-over cereal initially hit grocery stores in January, but a recent spate of pictures posted via social media has caused quite the stir with Trix fans.

The company has responded to some of comments, confirming the change in cereal color.

But there might be some hope for a little more color in the future. 

"We have heard from many Trix fans that they miss the old product and we know consumers have differing food preferences," the company said in a statement. "Providing consumers choices of what they would like to eat is very important to General Mills. We are working on a solution and will share additional information later this year."

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