Brits Put Trader Joe's On Blast For New 'Puff Dogs'

With grilling season in full swing, everyone's ready to break out the burger patties and starting whipping up some hot dogs. But for the not-so-grill-savvy, Trader Joe's recently released Puff Dogs, a hotdog in a pastry, to take the "classic dog-meets-dough pairing to the next level." Unfortunately, the idea isn't so new, and many in the U.K. were quick to call the supermarket out.

According to the company website, Trader Joe's defines what "hot dog" means — "[noun] 1. a small, cooked sausage that is mild in flavor and usually served in a long, split roll. 2. an utterance used to express approval. [verb] 3. to perform in a way that is meant to attract attention" — and states that the new product is a "pretty genius" version of it.

If you're thinking Puff Dogs sound exactly like pigs in a blanket (or like classic British sausage rolls), you're not the only one — the news blew up on social media and many were quick to point out that Trader Joe's "marriage of beefy and buttery" isn't exactly innovative.

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