This Toddler Was Served Alcohol Instead Of Apple Juice At A Georgia Restaurant

A family in Georgia is in shock after their 18-month-old daughter ended up consuming alcohol in a restaurant mix-up that — thankfully — caused no permanent harm. The Smith family was dining at a Restaurant in Vinings, Georgia and ordered apple juice for their toddler, Aaliyah. Everything seemed normal until the family got up to leave and Aaliyah's father noticed that something was wrong with the juice their daughter was served.

"We were about to leave, my spouse got the juice, it was in the kid's cup, he tasted it and his chest started burning," mother Alexis Smith told NBC News 11. "I started crying at the restaurant. As a mom, it was very emotional. You know, alcohol is something serious. You have to be 21 as an adult to drink it."

The family notified a manager, who confirmed that it was indeed alcohol in the cup, and the owner — who was apparently very upset — insisted on comping their meal.

The Smith family took their daughter, who was "a little off-balance" to a doctor, where they confirmed that after consuming about three teaspoons' worth of the unidentified alcohol, she had a blood alcohol level of 0.065.

The family is glad they caught the mistake.

"She would have been sipping on alcohol all day and possibly died," Alexis Smith gravely told NBC News 11.

This is not the first time a restaurant has accidentally served a child alcohol: Applebee's and Joe's Crab Shack have previously gotten in trouble for similar incidents.