These Psychedelic Rainbow New York Bagels Are Filled With Cotton Candy

What do you get when you cross a magical unicorn with a New York bagel? Clearly the answer is the Rainbow Bagel created by the Bagel Store in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.This psychedelic, colorful creation looks like Lisa Frank somehow got into the vat of boiling bagels, but this isn't a spoof: It's reality. The Rainbow Bagel is stuffed with cotton candy, cake-flavored cream cheese, and sprinkles.  The best news is these bagels will ship anywhere across the country.

This isn't the only bizarrely-colored bagel available at The Bagel Store, where they seem to have gone a little crazy with food dye. There are also pink and blue cotton candy-flavored bagels, as well as orange, white, and yellow-swirled candy corn-flavored creations just in time for Halloween.

However, the rainbow bagels have definitely proven to be the most popular amongst customers, according to NBC Today. The bagel is stuffed with a cream cheese frosting that's blended with a rainbow sprinkle-filled white cake (a.k.a. Funfetti), then topped with a layer of blue and pink cotton candy.

The Rainbow Bagels cost $3.95 each, which is a pretty good deal considering the fact that 100 rainbow bagels take approximately five hours to make (we thought that they rose from the oven instantaneously with the help of fairy dust).  To put that in perspective, the Bagel Store can make 1,000 regular bagels in the same timeframe.

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