Tesco Shoplifter In Malaysia Offered Job Instead Of Punishment

When a 31-year-old Malaysian father of three was caught shoplifting food at a Tesco supermarket, employees could have called the authorities.After all, the man — who wished to remain anonymous — was breaking the law. But instead the store offered him a job.

"I had quit my job as a contract worker after my wife fell into a coma during a birth complication last week. She is still warded at the Bukit Mertajam hospital," the man, whose family is from Kuala Nerang, Kedah, told The Star Online. He had also been staying at a relative's house with his children until he was able to get on his feet again.

He had grabbed some fruit and juices and was just on his way out the door when he was stopped by a worker. The store's general manager, Radzuan Ma'asan, warned him to never steal again and offered him a job at the store.

"The man's situation really touched our hearts. We visited his relative's house. It was so empty and poor," Ma'asan said. "For now, our priority is to ensure that he enrolls his seven-year-old son in a school."