Taylor Swift Reveals Her Go-To Cocktail

Just what does singer-songwriter, international pop icon, and Vogue May cover girl Taylor Swift order at the bar as her go-to? Swift answers these burning questions and more in an installment of "73 Questions With Vogue," as she tours us around her home in Beverly Hills.

Swift says her favorite beverage is coffee, showing off her collection of coffee and espresso machines as well as a VMA nestled between them. Her favorite cocktail, she reveals with a laugh, is a vodka Diet Coke — a callback to her days as a Diet Coke brand ambassador, perhaps?

On the food she would eat every day if calories didn't count, Swift's pick is chicken tenders. When asked what she would order at a drive-thru, she says, "Cheeseburger, fries, chocolate shake."

The best birthday cake she's ever had was a Milk Bar cake for her 25th birthday, which was apparently "so good that even Jay-Z raved about it." The last thing she baked was a gluten-free, dairy-free chocolate cake.

The one thing Swift needs to have in her fridge at any given time? "Hummus, weirdly."

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