Is The Sushi Burrito The New King Of Hybrid Foods?

When it comes to food hybrids, we thought we had seen them all, from the Cupcaron (cupcake/macaron combination) and the classic chicken and waffles to, of course, the various croissant hybrids out there, starting with the legendary cronut. But the newest food hybrid to join the food combo ranks is the sushi burrito.The sushi burrito was invented at New York City's Uma Temakeria, the sushi hand-roll headquarters helmed by chef Chris Jaeckle. The sushi burrito will premiere at Uma Temakeria on Thursday, June 18.

Despite looking like a burrito, the sushi burrito is devoid of beans or carnitas. The sushi burrito's "tortilla" is a thin sheet of nori, stuffed with fresh salmon, tuna, spicy tobanjan mayo, julienned carrots, cucumbers, sushi rice, and a sprinkle of sesame seeds and tempura. The new dish is premiering on International Sushi Day.

You can also customize your sushi burrito with add-ons like avocado lime sauce, as well as ingredients like blue swimmer crab, marinated tofu, red pepper, daikon, and green apple.