Sushi Burgers Are The Latest Trend In Food Mashups

Sushi in roll form just doesn't cut it these days.First, we were inundated with the sushi burrito trend, and now the sushi burger is the latest trending twist on this Japanese classic.

The sushi burger looks like a sandwich, but is actually sushi ingredients smashed between two "buns" made of sticky rice and dripping with wasabi mayo, avocado, and ginger.

Sushi burgers have been trending on Instagram, and with good reason. As you can see, they make for an unapologetically photogenic plate of food:


@food.envy perfected the sushi burger! It looks AMAZE! #foodie #sushi #sushicake #sushiburger #foodporn #nodiet #foodpics

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#sushiburger? #BoosieSushi

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The ingredients pictured are typically sashimi, avocado, wasabi, aïoli, and even chicken or beef. The trend was first introduced by vegan food blogger Sam of "So Beautifully Raw," who posted the first image last week, and it has since gone viral.