Is Rainbow Pizza Dough The Next Big Colorful Carb Craze?

Rainbow pizza just might be the next big thing. Remember those psychedelic rainbow bagels that reminded us of unicorn food or Play-Doh? The Bagel Store had to temporarily shut down due to overwhelming demand, but it looks like it isn't the only game in town.Giovanni Bartocci, co-owner of Via Della Pace Pizza, has been experimenting with brightly colored pizza dough to stand out from the competition.

"We're thinking big, thinking crazy," Bartocci told The Village Voice. "We only use natural coloring of course. We started by using the same ingredients we would use to color pasta dough. Squid ink for black, spinach for green, saffron for yellow, etc."

These pizzas may not be as "crazy" as The Bagel Store's tie-dyed look. After all, each pie is only one color each, but Bartocci is still hoping they will catch on. He recently added a red pizza dough made by using beets and Barolo wine to create the burgundy hue in the dough. Bartocci also experiments with colorful, fresh ingredients to top each rainbow pizza.

"The dough is light, and the toppings sing out," he said. "Right now, I love the black ink pizza with salmon, red cabbage, poppy seeds, sour cream, and chive. Not at all traditional, but very interesting and beautiful, and most important of all – delicious!"