Pret A Manger Considers Opening Vegetarian-Only Restaurants

Pret A Manger is best known for making food that's "here today, gone today." Lately, they have been incorporating superfoods such as quinoa, green smoothies, and kale onto their menus — and the move has been well-received by customers. As a result, CEO Clive Schlee is exploring the idea of opening vegetarian-only branches of the food chain.

Schlee wrote a blog post on the company's U.K. website, saying that the vegetarian SuperBowl salad is more popular than salads with chicken, salmon, or crayfish. This "would have been unheard of five years ago," as he puts it.

Pret posted a poll on the site asking customers to vote on whether the restaurant should have a refrigerator devoted to just vegetarian foods, open vegetarian-only outposts, or leave Pret the way it is.

Clive told The Telegraph that based on feedback from this poll, "customers would like to see more vegetarian options, and we're hearing a lot of opinions on social media, both from our vegetarian and vegan customers, and from those who are just trying to eat less meat day-to-day."

With restaurants like Amy's Vegetarian Drive-Thru — which opened just last month in California — popping up on the market, it seems that the demand for vegetarian-only restaurants is increasing.