Popeyes Now Sells Wings Made With One Of The Hottest Peppers On Earth

Popeyes has come out with a daring new menu item: ghost pepper wings, marinated for 12 hours in a blend of spices, including the dangerously hot ghost pepper. The ghost pepper is the seventh-hottest pepper and is the first pepper to scientifically test for over one million Scoville units. There are plenty of people who have posted tearful videos of themselves eating a ghost pepper to YouTube. It sounds pretty terrifying, but luckily, seem to only use the essence of the ghost pepper's fiery heat: "harnessing the heat of the peppers in the marinade, giving the wings just the right amount of intensity."

"These are wings as only Popeyes can make them with a bold, spicy flavor that hearkens back to our Louisiana culinary heritage," said Hector Munoz, Chief Marketing Officer, U.S., said in a press release. "At Popeyes, we know that we set the culinary standard for bone-in chicken and new flavor adventures. We know our guests are going to love them."

Just don't expect the wings to be "burn your face off" hot. Popeyes is, after all, a national chain. The wings will be available as a six- or 12-piece meal at limited locations from now until the end of January.