Panda Express Is Bringing Orange Chicken Around The Country In A Food Truck

Restaurants like Wingstop and Olive Garden have gotten into the food truck business — and now, Panda Express is, too.

Starting on August 22, Panda Express will hit the road across the country, starting at the Chinatown Summer Nights food truck event in Los Angeles.

The truck will offer customers free samples of their signature orange chicken, along with white rice and cans of Pepsi.

Next to the truck will be an Orange Chicken Lounge where guests can hang out and, of course, eat orange chicken. The lounge will feature a trivia game and an orange chicken chopsticks challenge. There will also be an orange chicken chef challenge, during which four or five chefs will create dishes using the dish.

There is no word on where the orange chicken truck will head after Los Angeles, but we do hope it will stop in New York City, because the only Panda Express locations are in Queens.