Now You Can Order Food From GrubHub To Pair With 'Game Of Thrones,' 'Girls,' And More

Have you ever wanted to order delivery but were concerned that your choice of sushi didn't pair well with your binge-watching marathon of The Sopranos? GrubHub is here to help. GrubHub has partnered with HBO to create menus inspired by your favorite shows.For instance, Game of Thrones fans can find a feast fit for a king, and Girls watchers will be directed toward quinoa-heavy urban hipster favorites. Even defunct shows like The Sopranos are getting in on the action (of course pasta is on the menu).

The concept is a lot simpler than it sounds: GrubHub (and Seamless for New York customers), isn't actually handcrafting menus. Instead, when you click on a certain TV show on the Dine in and Feast page, you'll be directed toward restaurants in your area with similar food selections to the preferences of characters on your show. Game of Thrones, of course, redirects toward seafood and steak in the area, while Silicon Valley favors sushi and Californian cuisine.

Also, HBO is offering a free month of HBO NOW streaming for any GrubHub user.