New Peeps Oreos: An Honest Review

Peeps — the twee colorful marshmallows that go stale way too quickly — are perhaps the most contentiously debated Easter candy; either you love them or you hate them. Oreo is putting that divisiveness to the test with its all-new Peeps Oreos and we got a chance to sample them before they hit shelves on Wednesday.

Despite the fact that these cookies are filled with unnaturally hot pink crème, they really don't taste too different from regular Oreos. The texture of the filling is softer than that of the usual Oreo crème, though, and is closer to resembling the pliable "marshmallow fluff." When an informal panel of our editors sampled the new confection, their reactions ranged from "tastes like Oreos that were dyed pink" to "these have a really weird aftertaste" reminiscent of the gelatin in marshmallows.

We're also concerned about the lack of sparkly sugar usually associated with the iconic Peeps: It showed up on the Oreos packaging, but not on the product itself. Frankly, we were much bigger fans of last year's chocolate chip Oreos.