Mississippi Restaurants Band Together To Protest Anti-LGBT Law

Following the example of Bruce Springsteen and Bryan Adams, Mississippi restaurants are fighting back against a new law that they claim makes discrimination legal.

Last week, Mississippi passed a controversial "Religious Freedom" law which essentially gives businesses the right to refuse service to LGBT couples based on religious beliefs and principles. The law, since it was passed, has brought about angry protests from all corners of the country.

The Mississippi Hospitality & Restaurant Association has created the voluntary "Everyone's Welcome Here" campaign. Hundreds of participating restaurants are posting signs and door decals to let legislators and state residents know that discrimination of any kind is not allowed in their place of business.

"Our industry serves a diverse customer base and we want to make sure all customers are appreciated and welcomed," Mike Cashion, the executive director of the MHRA, said in a statement. "We have a very clear and strong message to convey. Mississippi's restaurant industry is open for everyone's business."

The MHRA will also keep an online directory of participating restaurants, hotels, and bars. The campaign will kick off in late April, while the law will go into effect on July 1.

The campaign follows the actions of the Springsteen and Adams, who canceled scheduled concerts in Mississippi to protest passage of the law.