Man Gets Free Pizza For A Year After Starting Feud Between Two Cell Carriers

He came for the Twitter coupon, and stayed for the 365 days of free pizza.Dan May, a mobile customer with British cell provider O2, was disappointed after participating in a Twitter promotion that promised free pizza to people who tweeted their address with the hashtag #waggytails.Alas, no pizza ever came, and Dan tweeted his frustration.

What happened next was an all-out Western-style Twitter war between two rival mobile carrier companies, each vying for a single customer. Rival company Three decided to up the ante and offer May pizza and ice cream. O2 responded back (because they really wanted to keep their customers happy!) with an offer for free pizza for a year, which he happily accepted.

According to the PMs exchanged between O2 and May, they provided him with one year of free Domino's pizza once a week.

"We often like to surprise and delight customers and we're pleased that we were able to put a smile on @dpmay's face by giving him free pizza until the end of the year," an O2 spokesperson told The Mirror.