Make It Stop: The Rainbow Trend Continues With Colorful Sushi Rolls

Are you ready for the latest artificially colored food trend that the social media world just can't get enough of?Introducing, rainbow sushi: the (possible) brainchild of other colorful creations like rainbow bagels and rainbow grilled cheese. This time, there's no specific sushi joint that started the trend: Rainbow sushi has just become a popular way to upgrade your sticky rice with food dye or natural dyes like turmeric for yellow and beet for red or pink.

Sushi is already pretty colorful (think pink salmon and green wasabi), but this is a whole new color spectrum to add some sass to your sashimi. Taste the rainbow and feast your eyes on this pretty picture, which admittedly looks a lot more appetizing than multicolored melted cheese (we're looking at you, blue and green grilled cheese!).