Julian Niccolini Declares The Power Lunch Alive And Well At Michael's

The Four Seasons co-owner Julian Niccolini turned heads as he walked through the dining room at Michael's last Wednesday, "wearing sparkling silver Thom Browne wingtips," Adweek detailed.

Niccolini went to the Garden Room and joined Joel Schumacher, Pete Peterson, Jay Peterson, and some others at a corner table.

When asked how it felt to be a power luncher "rather than preside over a room full of them," Niccolini declared, "The power lunch is right here! There's nothing but four walls over there."

Niccolini continued, "The thing that keeps a place like this going for 25 years is the incredible people who come here. I have the utmost respect for Michael." He refers to Michael McCarty, the owner of Michael's.

To those who have dismissed the power lunch and predicted its demise, Niccolini said the power lunch is alive and well at Michael's.

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