Jelly Belly Inventor Stages A Comeback With Caffeinated Jellybeans

You probably associate Jelly Bellies with spring, Easter baskets, and trying your best to avoid the licorice flavor. But even though the Jelly Belly brand is somewhat of a cultural phenomenon, according to its founder and inventor, David Klein, his biggest regret in life was selling the rights to Jelly Belly for millions of dollars.Now Klein, who calls himself "the Original Candyman," wants his sugary innovation to make a comeback in the form of caffeinated jellybeans flavored like coffee shop drinks.

 Klein and his original business partners are using the Kickstarter platform to promote his idea of the grownup jellybeans, according to the LA Times. The brand will be called Original Coffee House Beans, and will have flavors like hot cocoa and peppermint, chai tea, coffee and doughnuts, and caffe macchiato.

"We really wanted to do something for adults, for the gourmet taste buds," Klein told the LA Times. "Everybody goes to Starbucks or those kinds of places, but nobody has actually made a line of jelly beans that was inspired by the flavors of the coffee that they drink there."

You can contribute to The Candyman's Kickstarter campaign here.