If You're A Chef, These Are The Best 10 Cities For You

Now is a good a time as any to be a chef, with the industry expanding 9 percent from 2014 to 2024, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

SpareFoot and Indeed teamed up to find out the cities with the most potential for chefs and head cooks based on job availability, average annual salary, salary as a percentage of median home price, and median annual rent as a percentage of salary, according to the SpareFoot.

10. San Francisco, California — San Francisco had the highest average salary for chefs at $72,000; however, had the least affordable housing on the top ten list. 

9. Los Angeles, California — Los Angeles holds the second highest share of jobs at 14.9 percent with an average salary of $57,000, but ranked 9th behind San Francisco in terms of home affordability.

8. Miami, Florida — Miami has the lowest salary on the list at $51,000 and ranked 5th for salary as a percentage of home price.

7. Washington, D.C. — Although President-elect Donald Trump has already caused distress in the restaurant industry, D.C. has still placed 3rd on the list for percent share of job listings at 11.3 percent.

6. Dallas, Texas — Dallas has ranked 9th in terms of average annual salary at $54,000, but has ranked 3rd in terms of rent as a percentage of income.

5. New York, New York — New York City ranks number one for the most job opportunities for chefs at 20 percent.

4. Boston, Massachusetts — Boston holds the second spot for the highest salary at $67,000.

3. Chicago, Illinois — Chicago ranked 4th for rental affordability and 3rd for home-buying affordability.

2. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania — Philadelphia ranks number one for the most affordable home-buying market on the list.

1. Atlanta, Georgia — Atlanta tops the list with the third highest salary at $67,000 and second in most affordable. The city is even home to Ludacris' Chicken+Beer restaurant.

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