The Hulk Hogan-Themed Restaurant In Florida Will No Longer Be Associated With Hulk Hogan

The Hulk Hogan-themed restaurant Hogan's Beach in Tampa, Florida, is expected to close and will be rebranded to cut any themes of the wrestler.

Restaurant owner Ben Mallah said Hogan's Beach and the neighboring Best Western Bay Harbor-Tampa Hotel are being sold to new owners.

"We've had a two-and-a-half-year run with that brand," Mallah told the Tampa Bay Times. "It's time for a new brand. Everything changes."

It is unclear exactly when the new owners will take over, but as of now, the restaurant is still open.

The restaurant's rebranding is related to a video that surfaced of Hogan going on a racist rant earlier this year. Hogan's Beach has been open since December 31, 2012.

Hogan's Beach got into trouble last year for deploying a "racist dress code," to exclude anyone wearing baggy clothing, high top sneakers, hats worn sideways or backwards, do-rags, or workout clothing. But, "beach party and beach attire is required," meaning bikinis are encouraged. Hogan responded to this dress code and said, "I'm no racist!"