Gordon Ramsay Eats His Most Hated Food, Pineapple Pizza, For Charity

Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay is really not a fan of pizza topped with pineapples, but vowed to eat the "monstrosity" if fans donated enough money to the Great Ormond Street Hospital charity.

On Instagram, Ramsay proposed that if fans were able to hit 500 donations, he "will eat this f**king god-awful pineapple pizza on Facebook Live." The celebrity chef also said that each donation enters the giver for a chance to win a spot at the "VVIP" table at a taping of his show, The F Word.

On July 12, Ramsay went live on Facebook to see if fans were able to reach their goal, and to his dismay, they did.

"This isn't a pizza, this is a mistake," Ramsay said after using a fork and knife to cut a small slice of the pizza and quickly rinsed with mouthwash after two bites.

Shortly after eating his most hated food, Ramsay posted a picture on Instagram showing "how pineapple should be served."