DiGiorno Pizza, Lean Cuisine, And Stouffer's Meals Recalled Over Hazardous Glass Fragments

Yet another product has been recalled this week for hazardous glass fragments. Nestlé has voluntarily recalled several of its popular frozen food products including DiGiorno pizza, Lean Cuisine, and Stouffer's varieties for possible glass contamination.

Earlier this week, Corona issued a limited recall for glass fragments found in its beer.

Nestlé has confirmed that no injuries have been reported and that the likely cause of the glass contamination is spinach, a common ingredient found in all three products, according to the Associated Press.

Three million individual packages, or 330,000 cases of DiGiorno pizzas; Lean Cuisine pizzas, paninis, and raviolis; and Stouffer's lasagnas and souffles are affected by the recall. Customers are urged to take caution and refrain from consuming affected products just in case.

Nestlé reports that its investigation into the matter is ongoing, but did not elaborate on further proceedings. You can find a full list of the specific products affected by the recall here.