This Dedicated Hiker Got Hypothermia Trying To Win Free Pizza Coupons

Have you ever been so dedicated to pizza that you risked hypothermia to hike up a 9,000-foot mountain just for a free pie? It may sound crazy but that's exactly what one 30-year-old Arizona hiker did.

The Flagstaff pizzeria Pizzicletta offered a free pizza to anyone who could successfully hike up Mount Elden — a 9,031-foot peak — during the 21-day Giro d'Italia bicycle race. An unidentified hiker — who was found by authorities wearing just shorts and a sleeveless shirt — braved snowy conditions to traverse the famously tough terrain, just for that free pizza.

"We never want anyone to risk their life for pizza. It's certainly not worth it," Caleb Schiff, owner of Pizzicletta, told the local NBC News syndicate, adding that he had assumed that anyone attempting to undergo the pizza challenge would check the weather conditions before heading out. "In truth, what we really want is people to make great decisions about their health and be active."

The unidentified hiker had set out early in the morning, despite the snowy conditions, to make the deadline. Luckily, a forest ranger had spotted him before it was too late. The sheriff's department described the man's condition as "improving" as of May 11.