Days Of Pepperoni Past: This Guy Is Photographing The Disappearing Pizza Huts Of Your Childhood

Remember the Pizza Huts of yore? Long before hot dog-stuffed crusts and marmite-topped pies, Pizza Hut was an actual dine-in restaurant with table service, stretchy cheese, and kids' meal toys.Unfortunately, many of the iconic hut-shaped buildings are gone now, but Ho Hai Tran is racing against the clock to photograph old, converted Pizza Hut buildings in a project he aptly calls Pizza Hunt.

The quirky photography project has already raised almost $4,000 on Kickstarter, and will (if all goes according to plan) become a coffee table-sized book featuring a sentimental look back at the Pizza Hut restaurants of the 70s, 80s, and 90s all across America. This bittersweet photo project showcases vacant buildings, funeral homes, churches, stores, and empty lots that used to be the home of the pepperoni-laden fast food slices of your childhood.

"The Pizza Hunt book will be a fine art object designed to complement the uniqueness of the 'hut' as architectural object," Tran explains in his Kickstarter video. "The Pizza Hunt is a celebration of the golden era of dine-in fast food."

The book, when it's finished, will be cloth-bound and packaged neatly in (what else) a decorative pizza box.