Chicken Tenders Banned From Schools After Metal Pieces And Mold Found In Cafeteria Food

School lunchrooms across the nation are no longer serving chicken tenders after multiple food safety scares in New York City public school cafeterias turned up metal pieces in chicken tenders and moldy pizza. The sketchy food incident was reported by five schools in New York after black mold was found on the crust of the pizza, and metal shards were found inside pieces of chicken.

"This is just alarming," New York City public schools advocate Letitia James told CBS News. "This mold, and this metal in the chicken nuggets is alarming and disturbing."

The Department of Education has issued a citywide recall of the chicken nuggets and pizza and stated that they had stopped serving both pizza and chicken weeks ago. However, sources report that between Feb. 17 and March 13 there were several reported incidents of moldy and otherwise contaminated school food across the city, before the recall was issued.

The affected brands include Ok Food, Smart Foods 4 Schools, Chickentopia, Tender Bird, Spring Rivers Farm, Great Value and Farmington. Ok Food, originating in Oklahoma, announced its recall last week, and across the country chicken tenders are no longer being served, and remaining products are thrown out.