Burger King's Mac N' Cheese And Cheetos Mashup

Burger King follows up its burger burrito mashup, the Whopperito, with another food mashup, in collaboration with the Cheetos brand: Mac n' Cheetos.

Mac n' Cheetos, which have been spotted in southern California and Indiana but are soon coming to stores nationwide, are Cheetos-shaped deep-fried macaroni and cheese sticks that are dusted with "crispy Cheetos flavor," according to a release.

Though fried mac n' cheese balls are nothing new, perhaps the association with the Cheetos brand will appeal to customers. This brand association certainly worked for Taco Bell, as its Doritos Locos Taco was a runaway hit, so much so that the company had to hire about 15,000 people in order to help meet the demand, details The Motley Fool.

Alex Macedo, President, North America, for the Burger King brand, said, "Mac n' Cheetos are a doubly cheesy combination of warm mac n' cheese covered with that crispy Cheetos flavor everyone loves. No one understands snacking better than Cheetos, and our expertise at Burger King restaurants is serving guests on the go, so it just made sense that we come together to reinvent this favorite food like it's never been done before."

Mac N' Cheetos will be available at participating Burger King restaurants for a limited time beginning June 27, at a recommended price of $2.49 for five pieces.

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