Burger King's Black Halloween Whopper Is Turning People's Poop Green

Burger King released a Halloween-themed Whopper on September 28, topped with a black bun and baked with A.1. flavoring. Well, these burgers are apparently turning people's poop green.

We're definitely not going to post a photo, but people on social media are alarmed by their discolored feces. Someone said it's a "comical green" color. Another person said he was scared when he looked at the toilet after eating the burger. Someone else made a hilarious point that they should bring this burger back for St. Patrick's Day.

So why exactly is the poop turning green? We don't usually see this phenomenon when eating leafy green vegetables like kale. And folks in Japan were not alarmed by green poo when Burger King Japan introduced the Kuro Burger — a black-pepper patty with black cheese, black squid ink sauce, and black buns.

Well, the Kuro burger was dyed with natural bamboo charcoal, rather than A.1. flavoring. The Washington Post suspects that the Halloween Whopper has either green or blue food coloring. They even cited the Children's Hospital Colorado, which says that any abnormal looking stools are "almost always due to food coloring or food additives."

This truly is a Halloween-themed Whopper because it's more of a trick than a treat. Surprise!