This Brooklyn Restaurant Insulates Pizza With Pizza Box Made Of Larger Pizza

We just can't get enough of pizza on top of pizza. First we told you about the blogger who created a pizza topped with frozen pizzas, and now one Brooklyn pizzeria is transforming the traditional takeout box by replacing it with a box made out of pizza.

Vinnie's Pizzeria has captured the attention of the Internet and delighted customers with its pizza box pizza: a rectangular pizza crust with a lid which keeps the original, smaller round pie inside hot and fresh. Plus it is biodegradable and a better option than throwing away the box.

"No waste, 100% pizza and 100% delicious," the pizza parlor wrote as they introduced the innovation on Twitter.

Sean Berthiaume, the creator of the pizza box pizza, told PIX11 News that he came up with the idea after a lunch rush when business was slow. He hated seeing people eat out of greasy cardboard boxes and came up with this alternative delicious solution.

Double the pizza doesn't come cheap though: Each pizza box pie costs $40, but we can imagine justifying almost anything for the sake of a classic New York pie.