Are Drive-Thru Salad Bars The Future Of Fast Food?

From Sweetgreen to By Chloe, healthy fast-casual spots are taking urban life by storm. Now, there's a new concept called Salad and Go, a drive-thru salad chain based in Arizona where you can drive up and order a bowl of healthy greens for just $6.

"We kept saying over and over again, why can't I just get something great tasting and good for you with the same convenience, speed, and price of traditional drive-thru fast food?" founder Roushan Christofellis told Fast Company.

Christofellis was inspired to create an affordable, convenient salad chain after educating herself on health and dietary issues. She knew that most salad chains offered healthy bowls piled high with quinoa, avocado, and greens for $12 to $14 a pop. When she started Salad and Go, she set a $6 limit so that her brand could compete with other fast-food chains and make cleaner eating more accessible.

"We're going to create a change in America," she said.