Arby's Is Giving Out Free 6-DVD Sets Featuring Meat Smoking For 21 Hours... And That's It

From the people who brought you the Meat Mountain comes this summer's meatiest blockbuster: The Arby's Smokehouse Commercial Collection.Arby's is playing to your carnal carnivorous desires by giving out free six-DVD sets featuring 21 hours of meat-smoking footage. If you're feeling a little hungry and a little confused as to why anyone would want to watch meat smoking for 21 hours... well, we don't know either.

But we do know that the free meat DVDs (which you can order online at, of course), are a follow-up to Arby's Guinness World Record-breaking 13-hour commercial, which aired last year on My9 in Minnesota. It featured the slow-cooking process of Arby's 13-hour brisket, and the plot was juicy, to say the least. So juicy, in fact, that it re-aired online and was watched by 400,000 extremely hungry and possibly bored Arby's fans.

You can relive the 13-hour brisket (along with eight bonus hours of smoked turkey recording) from the comfort of your own television by ordering now, while supplies last. We can't wait to lay our eyes on that sizzling recording.