Americans Aren't Eating Enough Vegetables, And These States Are The Worst Culprits

Haven't you heard? Americans simply aren't eating enough vegetables.The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recently released data confirming that fewer than one in 10 Americans are getting enough vegetables, and only 13 percent eat enough fruit. 

The CDC broke down the median number of vegetables eaten and the percentage of Americans who meet the daily allotment of fruits and vegetables for the day by state. Just so you're aware, Americans who get less than 30 minutes of moderate exercise daily should be eating two to three cups of vegetables daily. Even California, the most vegetable-friendly state, is performing abysmally when it comes to greens: Only 13 percent of Californians eat enough vegetables daily.

"Improving fruit and vegetable consumption for adults might start with improving intake during childhood," the CDC press release states. "Better dietary practices earlier in life might lead to better practices later in life. Improving fruit and vegetable accessibility, placement, and promotion in grocery stores, restaurants, worksites, and other community settings might improve intake in adults."

How does your state compare? Here are the states that eat the least vegetables, in descending order:

Ohio: 7.1 percent meet the daily recommendations

Louisiana: 6.9 percent

South Carolina: 6.8 percent

South Dakota: 6.8 percent

West Virginia: 6.6 percent

Iowa: 6.6 percent

North Dakota: 6.4 percent

Tennessee: 6.2 percent

Oklahoma: 5.8 percent

Mississippi: 5.5 percent Mississippi is the worst culprit, with only 1.4 median servings of vegetables eaten every day.

If you're wondering which states did the best, here are the top five and their corresponding numbers.

California: 13 percent

Oregon: 11 percent

Vermont: 10.8 percent

Alaska: 10.5 percent

Nevada: 10.3 percent