National Atomic Testing Museum

Art Museum, Museum, Science Museum
755 E. Flamingo Rd. (Swenson St)
Las Vegas, NV 89119
1:00am - 1:01am


  • Go tour this unbiased re-telling of nuclear power and how Nevada's 20th Century history evolved. Great for kids.
  • Good museum. Lots of interesting info. Not for short attention spans or children ; not a hands on place. Skip the area 51 exhibit: beyond cheesy!
  • A great way to spend 90 minutes away from the strip if you're a science or history buff.
  • Don't pay extra for the area 51 exhibit. It is garbage compared the rest of the museum.
  • Since youre near the Atomic Testing Museum, be sure to visit its Ground Zero Theatre, which gives you the chance to watch a simulated atmospheric nuclear test.
  • The museum was very informative, accurate and thorough, however the Area 51 Myth or Reality exhibit was too heavy on the sensationalism and too thin on skepticism.
  • Follow up your visit here with a trip to Area 51!!
  • Interesting museum about Nevada's dark history with nuclear power. Don't miss the simulated atmospheric bomb blast.
  • Champagne tastes better at the Atomic Testing Museum!!
  • General museum was top notch! Area 51 was NOT worth the extra money.
  • You can pause gambling now and experience the history and science here.
  • An excellent overview of the Nevada Test Site, with artifacts and equipment dating back to the earliest experiments.
  • Step away from the slot machines and table games in the casino for some historical entertainment.
  • Don't buy the Area 51 exhibit ticket. It's as cheesy as it sounds.
  • Have a blast!
  • Museums are in short supply in Vegas (you can't have a slot machine in one, I guess) but this is well worth the effort. Fascinating insight into Nevada's recent dark history.
  • Skip the Area 51 part of the museum & just stick to the Atomic testing. (The Area 51 exhibit is a joke in itself & seems put together by a bunch of Staff members :/ sorry guys)
  • It was cool informative, big surprisingly for Vegas
  • Free wifi: SSID "Atomic Blast" password 54321boom
  • Sorry. Skip this. It's dated, was probably cool in the 80's, but not in 2013. Also, v. domestically focused. One to skip. Clues were there, i.e. a museum in Vegas.....

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