Nam Kee (南記粉麵)

Noodles, Chinese, Asian
66-72 Stanley St
中環, 中西區
+852 2576 8007


  • they're famous for a reason. and their spicy is actually somewhat spicy. a rarity in hong kong :)
  • Old reliable. Love their beef balls and spring rolls with vermicelli and extra green onion.
  • The 4 treasures flat rice noodle!
  • Simple and tasty ramen! No fuss no wait just good and simple food. Spicy pork ramen always a favourite
  • The fish spring rolls are sooooooo darnnnn good!!
  • I love the seaweed soup with the fish balls and the fish spring rolls. Very yummy.
  • Noodles in HK style. Don't miss spring roll. Tea time from 1430 to 1730 daily. It's signature noodle with spring rolls costs $19 only during tea time!!!
  • The upstairs one becomes a high end one. Noodle there costs at least $50
  • make sure you get the (soya milk) to cool down your mouth
  • +!! One of the best fast noodle places in HK.
  • If you're stuck for choice, I recommend number 3 which inCludes spicy broth with noodles, veg and pork. Also pronounced as 'saam ho!'
  • Awesome noodle bowls for $25!!
  • Very good Kung yuen
  • Super like their sour n spicy noodle. Spring roll please!
  • Very good ! I love a spicy and sour soup with noodle and mix with pork or beef
  • It's cheap but the food is pretty average, you could probably do better for the same price

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