Must-try Cocktails for Memorial Day Weekend

From by C Riches
Must-try Cocktails for Memorial Day Weekend

Whatever you have planned for your Memorial Day weekend, there's bound to be some sipping going on at some point. So we're rounded up our fav must-try cocktails for Memorial Day weekend. 
There's something for everyone - kids, adults, non-alcoholic take your pick and enjoy the festivities! Cheers! :)

Must-try Cocktails for Memorial Day WeekendFrom the top - Click titles to see full recipe and source.Red, white and blue kids mocktail (above photo)
This tick all the boxes for show-stopping looks and taste, and the kiddos will love its super fancy look and whipped cream topper!
Sparkling Patriotic SangriaSangria is always a great idea when serving drinks for a crowd. This version is super easy to make, and we're loving the details of the fruit cut up into stars for the occasion! So pretty!
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Berry Tequila SparklerIf you fancy something a little stronger, then this Tequila cocktail is for you! It looks super refreshing and the addition of blueberries and strawberries makes it all patriotic!

Red, White & Blue Vanilla Bean SpritzerThis gorgeous looking cocktail uses red, white and blue ice to transform a regular spritzer into a show-stopper! The vanilla is also stealing the show for us!
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Bourbon Blackberry Lime Mint JulepThis is one of my favs! It's basically a grown-up version of  slushie. Love how gorgeous it looks served in mint julep cups and a blue straw. A must-copy for sure!
Blueberry MojitoMojitos are always being served in my house. It's a classic, but I'm loving the use of blueberries for taste but also good looks! 
Strawberry CremosaJust the name is enough to make me want to try this cocktail! It's a great recipe because you can make a big-batch of punch ahead of time, then just add cute straws when serving!
Non-Alcoholic Red Berries Ice TeaNot into alcohol? No problem! This red berry ice tea look totally the part for your Memorial Day festivities and you can also make it in a big batch punch style, which is handy for pleasing  a crowd!
And whatever you do this weekend, have fun, be safe and enjoy your loved ones! ♥
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