More Restaurants Opting for No-Tip Policies: Survey

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More Restaurants Opting for No-Tip Policies: Survey


More restaurants are taking a closer look at no tipping, according to new data. Seems Danny Meyer won’t be the only restaurateur eliminating gratuities and raising prices.

“I think that’s just a reflection of where the industry is moving,” said Patrick Connolly, owner and chef of Rider, a restaurant in the Williamsburg section of Brooklyn, New York City. “Service, uniforms, how they present themselves, the language, the tables – all of those things, it’s part of the product,” he said.

About 18 percent of surveyed restaurant professionals said they’ve already adopted a no-tip model, according to an American Express Restaurant Trade Survey that was released in mid-May.

Some 29 percent said they plan to adopt a no-tip policy, according to the survey.

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