Moo Moo Thai Cafe

11127 Venice Blvd #10
Los Angeles, CA 90034
(310) 287-9999


  • If you don't like this place, you don't like REAL Thai food
  • The cheese puffs are like vegetarian crab ragu! Sort of
  • Thai Street Food Spot!
  • Very authentic taste. if you like Thai food the way Thai people like it you will love this place. Delicious papaya salad and Hainan chicken.
  • My favorite dish here right now is the shrimp paste rice.
  • Also... They will put crispy pork in the pad see ew if you ask. How can you not?
  • Natalee Thai has a much better Thai Tea. Moo Moos' Thai Tea most def needs some improvement here
  • New Owner/ New Name. Now "BKK 101"
  • Nothing fancy. Personal service. Good food.
  • The food is amazing and the staff is very nice, an understatement for the price as well. stars of is enough lol
  • The "I Can't Believe It's Mushrooms" is amazing... and i normally loathe mushrooms!
  • Food was horrible, even the Thai Iced Tea was terrible, yuck! Never again!
  • You can't go wrong with the moo moo noodle soup or the kuoy jub.
  • Their Crispy Pork Jerky is delish! I just wish the accompanying sauce had some spice to it. It's really crispy & some of the meat is clumped together from the fryer so, cut it small or it gets messy
  • Chicken Sate is really delish. Pairs nicely with the peanut sauce & veggies mixed in together. Meat had quite a different texture than most other Thai places but, was still very yummy! Soft & chewy
  • Someone order the Hainan Chicken Rice and tell me how it tastes!
  • Cheap and yummy!